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Meet David


My journey to good food began in my mother’s pickle jar, continued through the professional pastry kitchen and landed me in the factory of America’s first artisanal chocolate-maker, Scharffen Berger.  Since then (2002), I have had the honor of a front-row seat to America’s bean-to-bar chocolate movement, as well as the recently minted American craft food movement.


Why eat chocolate like it is a guilty indulgence, a naughty no-no, a private affair? There is so much more fun and interest to be had when you normalize chocolate, bring it to the dinner table, and treat it for what it is: food. Good ol’ life sustaining, health promoting, delicious food.


Chocolate tastings are not only incredible journeys for your palate, but the topic of chocolate is endlessly fascinating.  Tastings can be centered around many compelling topics, customized to the curisoities and interests of your guests.  To read more about tastings, please visit the Tasting page or click here

"Eat food, not too much, mostly plants"

-Michael Pollan

Baek Kimchi ("White Kimchi in a mildly sweet brine of fermented asian pear
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