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Tarot is a beautiful system of multi-dimensional poetry.  Words, symbols, sensations and concepts weave together to create a unique story, just for you.  A story redolent of the moment, usually poignant and very often funny

I don't tell the future, I help tell the cards' story.  I don't use intuition as much as I use intellect to unearth the poetry behind the cards' language, myth and symbol.  And I don't interpret the cards: I stand as a translator, doing my best to allow this language to sing directly to you, dear reader. The meaning of these lyrics are for you to bring forth.

It is a joy to read for you, but it is my heart's desire to help you develop your own relationship with Tarot.  Working with the cards engages the brain in fascinating ways and it is best experienced from the inside.  So if you have the sparkle of curiosity, approach life with a glutton's touch  or if you love to surf contradiction and serendipity, please contact me - we have a lot to talk about!

David O

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