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Chocolate is a great way to bring people together, learn more about this compelling food, and enjoy a delicious time together.


Tastings for up to 20 people, generally begin with an introduction to chocolate's history and discussion about current methods of manufacture.  Then we explore techniques in tasting and assessing chocolate, tasting between 4 - 5 types of chocolate.   ​A typical tasting is 60 - 90 minutes long.  I provide a flavor wheel to help inspire vocabulary as well as palate cleansers, to help mitigate palate fatigue.  These tastings are dynamic and in 15 years of conducting tastings, I have yet to experience a boring one!

For groups over 40 people, or for casual parties without the "sit down and focus" of a guided tasting,   the style shifts to more of a demonstration type tasting. Done in either a buffet or passed trays, I give an introduction, then allow the party to unfold organically among the guests.  I stay close at hand to answer any questions or moderate any discussions that pique your guests curiosities.  These tastings typically run 60 minutes of active tasting and sample 3-4, often with an additional confection, chocolate drink or spirit pairing.

For corporate events, chocolate tastings are a great way to foster cohesion and team work.  For these events, we break into small teams,  each sampling, assessing and ranking the chocolates.  We then present and discuss the results with the whole group.  This tasting typically lasts 60 - 90 minutes and we sample between 3 - 4 types of chocolate.  A flavor wheel to help inspire vocabulary is provided for each guest, as are palate cleansers. ​

Chocolate 101 *  How To Taste Chocolate  *  How The Experts Assess Chocolate *  Chocolate in History
The American Chocolate Making Scene *  Exploring Origin *  Current Trends in Chocolate Making  Chocolate Pairings  *  The Dark/Milk/White Spectrum
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